Existing Customer Questions

Do you offer repair on broken devices?

We unfortunately do not offer any repair services, if your device is defective please contact us for a warranty replacement

Important Note: Item need to be with the warranty coverage to be eligible for replacement service. Please review our warranty terms and condition to verify if item is covered.

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Can I use my electronic device while it is charging through the battery?

Yes you can, however we generally do not “recommend” using the electronic device while it is charging from our battery.
It is best to let device fully charge before using.

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I have done some tests and I am not getting the full mAh out of my battery?

Though the battery is rated at ____mAh it will not fully discharge all the stored powered in battery.
Some power will be lost during charging in the form of resistance and heat.
Some power will be lost while not in use because of the self discharge rate: percentage can range from 8% – 31% depending on condition/environment (number base on one month storage)
If however the charge falls substantially low then the battery may be defective, please visit our troubleshoot section to determine issue/ contact our support for RMA

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What happens if I plugged my phone into the 2.1A port?/Can I charge two phones at once?

While you can plug your phone into the 2.1A output for a quicker charge, we do not recommend doing so unless specified by your phone, as you are essentially outputting twice the charge into your phone’s battery. The phone battery may generate more heat as a result of the higher amperage, which may affect the battery’s life over time, do so with caution. Most phone’s circuitry will limit the input amperage and will thus protect itself.

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What is the difference between the 1A and 2.1A output charge ports?

a) The 1A is for cell/smartphones and other small devices.
b) The 2.1A is for larger devices, such as the Apple iPad and other tablets. Currently there are cell/smartphones that accept the 2.1 amperage input as well.

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Some lights are blinking and others are solid, is my battery fully charged?

A – When the LED lights are blinking the battery is still charging, when certain lights are solid a certain percentage of charge is complete(refer to B). If all LED light are solid then battery is fully charged.

B – The battery current level of charge is determined by the number of solid lights on unit

Three total LED : 100/3 = 33.33%/per light
Four total LED : 100/3 = 25%/per light

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Why does my battery not charge my electronic device, it is fully charged?

Certain models of our batteries have a delay-on function. To bypass the delay function, you need to depress the power button down from two – five seconds (depending on model configuration). The delay function is to protect the user from wasting power on their battery when the power button is accidentally depressed.

NOTE: Check out our troubleshoot section for further diagnostic if answer above did not fix issue.

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Can I store my batteries for an extended period of time and only use it for emergencies?

We do not recommend storing our batteries (or any batteries) over a long period of time without use. As the battery cells will deteriorate when not in use.
Furthermore, the batteries you store will constantly lose energy over time. If the stored batteries are completely discharged, certain negative detriments may occur, which include not starting up.

To maximize the lifespan of your external battery, we would advise you to fully discharge and recharge the battery at least once (recommended twice) a month and follow maintenance recommendation.

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Pre Sale Questions

Can your battery be carried on plane?

According to TSA battery regulation our products fall well within the restriction posted for Li ion battery carry on, and are limited to two large size batteries.

Further detail can be found on TSA website: http://www.tsa.gov/traveler-information/safe-travel-batteries-and-devices

NOTE: Even if an item is generally permitted, it may be subject to additional screening or not allowed through the checkpoint if it triggers an alarm during the screening process, appears to have been tampered with, or poses other security concerns. The final decision rests with TSA on whether to allow any items on the plane.

*We do not guarantee or 100% confirm our battery can be carried or used on plane, other than confirm that our battery follows TSA guidelines. We accept no responsibility of denying of battery carry on and other issue that may occur while at the airport.

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Can your battery be used overseas in 220-240V countries like Vietnam, India, Africa, Europe, etc…?

Yes our battery can be used oversea with no issue.
Our batteries are charged from two source USB port and AC wall charger:
USB – will not be affected provided the correct Wall adapter is used.
AC – battery are supplied with universal AC wall chargers 100-240V. (You do not need a voltage converter just a travel adapter to convert US pin on AC adapter.)

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Where can I get your device locally, is it available at any retail store?

Unfortunately our products are only currently available online through us directly or through our reputable authorized re-sellers.

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Do you sell/ship internationally?

Our sales channel is only limited to USA, we do not have an international sale channels at the moment.

If you like to purchase our product and reside outside the USA you can seek a help of an international forwarder. There are several located in New York: Look them up on any search engine to determine the details.

Order item our site and have it shipped to your forwarder of choice and they will forwarded it internationally to you.

NOTE: there are restrictions to our customer support/warranty coverage for international customers, please review our warranty section for further details. 

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Does the battery stay ON after the device has fully charged?

The battery has a built-in auto shut-off feature and will shut-off if:

–           Device in charging has complete charged
–           If battery is inactive for 10 second

This to maximize battery life and provide you the maximum charge for your device, when you need it the most.

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Can my device charge from battery while battery itself is charging?

Our batteries do not support “pass-through” or “daisy chain” charging at this time. We do not recommend charging your device from our battery while the battery itself is being charged from a power source, as this will severely stress the battery cells due to constant charging and discharging and will have a negative impact on the battery and the overall lifespan of the battery.

At this time, we would advise all users to charge the batteries first, before using it to charge other devices.

NOTE: This feature is being deactivated on all of the new batteries

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Do these external batteries support the latest Apple devices?

Yes, all of our external batteries are actually compatible with the latest Apple devices iPhone 5s, iPad Air, iPad mini as well as the prior iterations and iPod Touch devices, excludes certain classic models.

Our battery will charge your Apple device by using the original, white Apple cable that came with the Apple devices.

NOTE: The Lightning cable and 30 pin Apple charge cables is a proprietary standard that only Apple manufacturers have the license to. Due to the licensing we are not able to produce or distribute these cables at the moment.

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Is my device compatible with your device even though it’s not listed in the compatibility list?

The battery should be compatible with most 5V or USB chargeable smart phones, tablets and portable devices (GPS, portable cameras, etc), since our battery is only able to provide a 5V output

You can double confirm your device compatibility by having a look at the AC wall charger for your phone or tablet. On it there should be a sticker with an output rating if it has a 5V OUTPUT then your device is compatible with our battery.

Some device will need the “galaxy tab converter cable” to properly charge example: galaxy tab, nexus 7, PS vita…

Example of incompatible devices: ASUS tablet transformer series : requires 15V, Laptops all make : requires 12V- 19V, etc…

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