NT5200 – Troubleshoot

Please try the below to determine issue:   Battery charging / issue begin at   (1) Charging device(s) issue begin at (4)   1: Are the lights flashing during charge or turns ON when power button is engaged? YES – continue. NO – skip to (4).   2: Does the unit fully charge? YES – continue. NO – possibly defective.   3: Try battery on another different compatible device(s) does it charge the new device(s)? YES –  battery is working, issue may be regard to other components. NO – continue.   4: Try different cable(s), new cable(s) work? YES – original Read more

NT5200 – FAQ

Can this device charge off wall outlet beside from an USB port on my laptop or PC? Yes it can, provided a compatible USB AC wall charger is used. We sell the OEM AC charger in the accessories section: IMP007.   Can the iDual NT5200 charge an iPad? If yes why is it charging the iPad so slow? The battery is not made to charge larger portable devices i.e: tablets. It more for Smartphone charging and the output is not high enough to charge the iPad properly.